Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

A kitchen is often the focal point and heart of the home. If you’re thinking of increasing the value to your property, renovating your kitchen may be one of the first places to start, especially if you’re looking to sell.

General Manager, Stephen Carrington cautions clients against overly specific aesthetics like statement light fixtures, crazy intricate countertops, or superfluous extras. He suggests, “Anything that too deeply reflects the owner’s personal taste, may not be the best choice if you’re eventually looking to sell. Rather, you should think of creating a space that is attractive and desirable without being too bold”. He also advises clients to go with timeless finishes over what may be trending at any given period.

After an in-depth conversation with Carrington, here is a list of insightful tips you’ll definitely want to consider for a kitchen remodel.

Aesthetic Appeal

The potential value of a kitchen is largely based on its aesthetic appeal. Introducing a neutral colour palette for major surfaces like countertops and flooring have greater universal appeal and can also balance the beautiful character of solid woods. Even if you decide to opt for a painted finish, a neutral palette will still create a warm and inviting space.


Choosing the right hardware and accessories can completely transform the style of cabinet you’ve gone for and dramatically impact the look and feel of your kitchen. Whether it’s polished brass, chrome or pewter handles, these intricate details can determine the quality look of your kitchen looks at first glance.


A larger kitchen is one of the top features buyers look for when buying a house. Removing a wall to create an open-plan layout for your kitchen that combines dining or just creating the illusion of spaciousness by adding a window can dramatically increase the appeal of your kitchen. A well-designed kitchen space should be multi-functional offering the family a place to cook, eat and entertain. The space should also be optimized to ensure adequate storage.

High-End Appliances

The right appliances can complement your kitchen, creating a more finished and upmarket look. New appliances like convection ovens and induction cooktops may increase energy savings and also offer healthier and safer alternatives. Stainless steel finishes throughout the entire suite of products also makes for a more cohesive look.


A final, but often overlooked feature of your kitchen you will want to consider if renovating is its durability. Solid wood is a very resistant material and will probably give you the best return on investment. While other sorts of engineered wood are susceptible to damage from moisture, quickly peeling and chipping, solid wood is highly resistant to it. Even if it does get damaged over time, you can always get it refinished, and it’ll look like it’s new once again. This eliminates the need to replace your cabinetry – making it an excellent choice which can yield great savings in the long run.

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